Meditation Made Simple


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by Gaby LaCorata

Meditation is a loaded word for most people. They think they have to sit perfectly still for an hour and completely empty their mind.

And I agree. That does sound really hard. 

Luckily that’s not the case. Meditation is a practice – just like yoga or any other exercise. You build strength over time, and it’s always changing and evolving and can look different day to day. Meditation can be as simple as noticing you’re feeling overwhelmed, pausing for a moment, and reconnecting with your breath, or quieting your mind before you go to sleep as you lay in bed.

It’s that tiny moment of clarity you get when you are tuned in to the present moment and the breath. 

In order to get to a place where we can have regular awareness of our mind and body, we practice sitting in a quiet space with less distractions on our own time. This allows our brain to get used to quieting down and listening to our heart, which acts as a connection between the mind and the body. 

Thoughts will come up and the mind will wander. That’s what the mind is supposed to do, but the power comes in returning the focus back to the breath and not letting the thoughts take over. The breath regulates the nervous system and over time will handle stress better. It’s okay if you have to shift your focus back a hundred times. You’re still showing up for your meditation practice. 

Start simply:

  • I encourage you to start with 5 minutes a day of sitting quietly and focusing on your breath. You can include a mantra or affirmation to help quiet the mind. Something simple like “I am breathing in. I am breathing out.” You can do it in the morning, at night, on your lunch break, or whenever you have a few minutes to spare. 
  • These few minutes can create subtle shifts in your day, and overtime you embody those changes in how you show up in the real world in challenging situations. The best way to start anything is by taking small steps. 

You can also join me Wednesday mornings at 7 am (but it’s okay if you’re a few minutes late) for a 20 minute guided meditation. A reset for the middle of the week.


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