Creating Balance


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The moon and the sun, the push and pull of the tides, winter and summer, masculine and feminine, inhales and exhales, and life and death.

Everything in life is centered around oppositions that help create the unique and ever changing world we live in. Neither side is seen as “good” or “bad” because they are both needed to create a balanced state in the world. The problem comes from staying on one extreme for too long, and this is often the case in the fast-paced world we live in. We should look to mother nature for guidance.

Nature does a great job of ebbing and flowing between any two opposing forces to create perfect harmony. 

Many imbalances are external factors such as work, family, and social life. A common example is people pushing themselves to work hard all day everyday and get a lot done, but they never find time to let themselves rest and restore their energy – especially in the business world where masculine traits such as strength, focus, and assertiveness are often praised while feminine traits like intuition, creativity, and generosity are seen as weak or inferior.

While certain traits might yield more productivity, it is not sustainable to be living solely on one side, and eventually, the body will send signals asking to restore the balance that is missing. 

Another way people often avoid the natural instinct to find balance is by traveling to warm sunny places to avoid the cold, dark winters.

While the warm weather can be enticing during the cold season, doing this leaves little room for the natural desire to go inward and quiet the mind and body in the winter months. 

There are also internal factors that need balancing as well. Health is a tricky one for most people. Eating, drinking, and exercising properly creates balance internally. However, many people either overindulge far too often or don’t allow themselves to ever indulge. Although diet and exercise are subjective, neither extreme is healthy or sustainable. 

Similarly, many people find themselves always pleasing other people and always taking care of other people’s needs before their own. This also creates an internal imbalance. You must show yourself love if you want to be able to give and show others love. Allowing other people to do things for you and receiving love from others can balance out always trying to please everyone.

Boundaries are very important for finding balance externally and internally.

By knowing what you want and need in order to feel fulfilled, you can begin to clearly communicate it to people in your life and avoid over committing, doing things you don’t enjoy, or burning out. It is also important to remember that boundaries can be uncomfortable at first, but if people do not respect your boundaries, then they probably benefited from you not having any and may not value your well-being. 

The practice of finding balance in life never really ends. You simply get better at recognizing when you feel out of balance and when you need to switch things up. It all comes back to listening to the body because the body knows what we need more than our mind does. The mind is the ego, and the ego is loud and does not like to be wrong.

While the ego can serve us in certain situations, the body always knows what we truly need to live harmoniously.

Balance allows us to see the bigger picture and to enjoy the ups and downs of life with a sense of peace, knowing that everything is temporary. 

By Gaby LaCorata


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