30-Day Wellness Challenge!



2020 is OH-ver!

It’s time to move forward. Let’s make 2021 our most mindful, healthy and caring yet. To jump start things, we’re offering a friendly and accessible 30-Day Wellness Challenge beginning January 2, 2021 (but it’s OK if you start a day or two late).

The challenge is simple: 30 Days of Yoga…OR…30 days of Wellness.

To get credit for a day, all you have to do is take a yoga class or meditate or do one wellness activity. To help you out, we’ve created a list of a whole bunch of wellness activity suggestions to encourage you to Move, Connect, Nourish, be Mindful, Refresh or do Self Care.

Check out the links below for more!

Do just one thing for yourself over the next 30 days and set yourself on a trajectory for a wonderful, fulfilling, energized and healthy year!


Move your body! Something we all need to do every day. Click here for some suggestions on ways to move. Two special movement offerings this month:

Inversion and Backbend Intensive Saturday January 16 at 2pm.

Group Hike Sunday January 24 at 11am on the Billy Goat Trail.

Connect (and Disconnect)

Take time to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. Click here for suggestions on bath soaks, decluttering, body scrub recipes, napping and digital detoxing.


You are what you eat! We are sharing some of our favorite recipes for tea, smoothie, dal, soups and warm bowls! Find an assortment of recipes here to nourish your mind and body.


We all know it by now: being more mindful reduces stress, increases focus and improves most every aspect of our life. Check out some of our mindful offerings here including a guided meditation, breathing exercises, yoga nidra, and more!


Take time to unwind, reset and refresh. Click here for suggestions for journaling, goal setting and even Spotify playlists to host your very own solo-no-ones-watching dance party!


Finally access all of the goodies here for self-care! Included are suggestions for dry brushing, meal prepping, tongue scraping, lemon water drinking and self-massage.


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