Weekly Focus

This holiday season is going to be weird.

I don’t know how else to say it. I’m sure your Thanksgiving was different this year. And December…well safe to say it won’t be typical. 

What are we going to do without sugar cookies around every corner, crowded shopping mall parking lots and hangovers after awkward office parties??

I guess I’ll be forced to cuddle up with a good book, take long baths and wait in a grand total of zero store lines. 

Wait. Could this be the best December ever!?

I kid, of course.

We know we’re in for a challenging stretch. For many, myself included, this is likely to be a very isolating time. Time when we would normally be getting together with friends and family, may be spent alone. 

But in this new phase, there will also be opportunities for growth. I am sure of it.

Whereas typically, December is a month of racing and consuming and living hard. This December will almost certainly be slower. And with fewer temptations that each year we can’t resist, but wished we would. 

So while I know this December will be far from ideal, perhaps this month will present you with some new opportunities. Is there a long book you’ve been waiting to read? Have you been planning to start meditating? Want to get back into cooking your own meals? Or maybe you just want to get more sleep? 

Whatever it is, we’re focusing this week on opportunities that this weird month might provide. We have a good sense of what will be taken from us. But might something good be presented to us in return?

See you soon.


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