Weekly Focus: Healing


Weekly Focus

It’s quite likely that ‘healing’ will be a major societal theme over the next several months. Seems appropriate.

We remain very much amid a global health crisis. And then there was last week. Yes. Healing. Please. 

We know the world needs healing right now. But, perhaps, so too do you?

Look, we don’t know how else to say this…2020 has been [expletive] stressful!  

Here’s the upside. If we let ourselves heal after these stressful times, we will grow. World, country, community, self. 

So maybe you’ve been stressed. Focused way more than normal on Philadelphia & Maricopa County, for example. Working hard. Working out hard. Stressing. 

But here’s the upshot: stress is an ingredient for growth, if it’s followed by healing. So yeah, healing seems like the correct ingredient right now. 

Which is our offering to you this week. Let yourself heal. Tune out. Put the phone away. Read. Meditate. Walk. Yoga. However you heal, heal. 

And maybe some of your relationships with friends, families or coworkers need healing. Heal them too.  

The muscles have been sufficiently stressed, now give them a chance to grow. 


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