Weekly Focus: Control


Weekly Focus

This week feels consequential. 

While this newsletter avoids politics as a topic, we know Tuesday November 3, 2020, has been an important date for many for a long time.

You may be feeling a little extra anxiety or excitement or fear this week. I am. 

Some are in a mad dash of the final 36-hours of a race that feels like it started a lifetime ago. Others are taking time out of their day to stand in line. And still others to help those who are standing in line. I’m on my way to Pennsylvania.  

However, at some point, like with most things, the outcome will be out of our control. 

Coming to peace with things that are out of our control can be hard. In times like these, it is important to remember what we can control

So here is something within our control that we’re focused on this week: doing something positive.  

It can be anything, for anyone. Including yourself. Spend time with a friend outside. Call your parents. Call your kids. Volunteer. Make this an extra healthy week. Help your friend make it a healthy week. Turn off the TV for an hour…they’ll still be talking when you turn it back on (another thing we can’t control). 

November 3 will come, and it will go. And then we are going to need you on November 4. So put a little more of you out into the world this week for all of our benefit. 


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