Right now, we’re all witnessing and experiencing things that would be hard to fathom individually let alone all together at once: the pandemic, unemployment, racial unrest and the upcoming US election – just to name a few.

There’s a lot and enough to feel stressed and/or anxious for all. And that’s exactly why self-care rituals for wellbeing have never been as important as it is right now.

Self-care is so much more than physical health, exercise or nutrition – it’s the weaving of all parts of us into one: our physical, mental, and spiritual parts.

Living in congruence with each part is always a balancing act to create wellbeing but it’s something we must attend to often to make sure we are fully capable of handling life as it is now. Creating a quality of life that is nourished, balanced and at peace.

Nourishing yourself with good food, invigorating exercise and healing mindfulness techniques will help you go far but also what you do between those things are just as important, too. Below are some things to consider when building resilience.

1. Social Wellbeing.

Am I spending enough time with friends and family (socially distanced and calls/FaceTime)? Can I openly share what’s on my mind with people? Can I take the time to build out new relationships? And maintain current ones?

Connecting and relating to people is creating wellbeing.

RITUAL: Once a week, schedule a long walk, a call and dinner with friend(s).

2. Physical Wellbeing.

Are my habits helping me feel my best? Can I add more exercise in? Can I go to bed earlier? Can I eat healthier? Where am I depleting energy?

Creating boundaries with yourself and others is creating wellbeing. 

RITUAL: Take out one unhealthy habit one week and after a few weeks, take out another one. For example: have meatless Mondays, be vegan until 6pm, or only have bad food on Saturday or Sunday.

3. Work Wellbeing.

Am I able to find joy in my work? Am I making an impact in my life? And in the world? Where can I create more value for myself and my work?

Finding career/work fulfilment is creating wellbeing. 

RITUAL: Think about and then journal some of the things that bring you joy and then work to add those into your work or create it for yourself.

4. Spiritual Wellbeing.

Am I saying and doing things that are connected to my higher source? Are my values matching with what I do? Where can I grow spiritually?

Connecting your inner life with your outer life is creating wellbeing.

RITUAL: Give yourself time to be with yourself. Add in 5 minutes of meditation each morning or evening and after a few weeks add another few minutes on top of it.

Final thoughts:

When we truly take care of ourselves, we can show up for the major tasks at hand. And the more we practice self-care, the more confident, loving and self-assured we become. We can better communicate, we make better decisions, and we become much more compassionate, understanding and loving for others. There is literally only good that can come when we take care of ourselves. And especially now. We need our strength more than ever.


P.S. I personally love sleeping extra when I can, eating nourishing foods, yoga, taking a bath, reading books, long walks, and watching planet documentaries. Here is a more in-depth listing of self-care tools!


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