2020, so far



We were moving too fast. We were over-connected. Always online, always accessible, always updating. And also, under-connected. We lost touch in our most important relationships—our friends, our family, ourselves.

There was so much noise. And there was no time. We sacrificed life’s rich core for expedience. Takeout over a nourishing meal. Social media over deep conversation. Constant judgment over long contemplative walks.

And we were suffering. It was just too loud to pay much notice.

Then everything stopped. We went from a million miles a minute to standing still. Suddenly, it was quiet. We had time again. We prepared meals and rediscovered that life’s best flavors are found in the process. We reconnected with loved ones and remembered the joy of conversation without agendas or hard stops. Confined to our homes, somehow, we felt freer and fuller.

And we reflected and meditated.

In our reflections, we questioned our old lives. Our old society. And a transformation began. Inside, something felt different. And we could see it in our community: time and reflection re-exposed ugly truths. And the transformation continued.

So where do we go from here? Life is speeding up. It’s getting noisier. We’re busy again. But that’s OK. Our transformation does not have to stop. In fact, as ‘normal’ life returns now our practice begins. This is when we grow. Together, we will transform. 



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