The Inspiration Behind Be Free, Live Fully ✨



I’m super thrilled to finally launch Be Free, Live Fully! It’s a collaborative effort with some of the finest teachers, instructors and people I know!⁠⠀

Be Free, Live Fully is a healthy, mindful, and compassionate community of teachers, coaches, healers, and students. It welcomes all and is supported by its community members through pay what you can donations.

When we began conceptualizing this community in March, at the start of quarantine, we all realized just how important a strong community is to our well-being. It was also apparent that time together in the ways we were most accustomed to were unlikely to return any time soon. And finally, we reflected on how there is far too strong a correlation between financial means and access to good health, particularly during challenging economic times. ⁠⠀

So starting next week a full range of yoga and meditation classes will be offered and by:

 @_victoriachase_ (yoga)

@sojungodfrey (meditation)

@wellbeing_dc (yoga)

 @yogasihnuu (yoga)

@flawlesswallace11 (yoga)

And perhaps even more exciting, we are offering all classes for free under our pay-what-you-can donations model. Truly, all are welcome. ⁠⠀

When the pandemic forced us to work remotely and restructure our lives, online yoga became such an important way for many of us all to stay connected and healthy. However, through that process and in talking with so many of you, it became apparent that so much more was needed to navigate these uncertain times. That is what inspired us to launch Be Free, Live Fully. ⁠⠀
Join us in building the life you want, in a community you’re proud of and in a vision of a better and more inclusive world. ⁠

Much love,⁠⠀

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us at @befreelivefully for inspiration, updates + first peaks at new classes and workshops

Be Free, Live Fully


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